<< WE工廠提供免費零件 >>

(這零件是給 買了SMG 8 或 小米七 的客戶)
此零件 能 提高槍款性能 和 增加射擊時的子彈數目



For foreign customers:

<< SMG 8 Magazine Upgrade Replacement Part #134 Free Replacement >>

For those who own a WE SMG 8 please contact us to receive a free upgrade part for your rifle magazine(s).

The upgrade part is a drop-in replacement for part #134 for your SMG 8 magazine.

Our R&D department has received your valuable feedback regarding this model and has designed this upgrade part to further improve on the magazine’s gas efficiency. This will allow you a greater number of rounds per refill and improved performance overall for the rifle.

In order to provide this free replacement part we will require the following:

> Proof of purchase of your rifle (*and subsequent extra magazines if applicable) in the form of a scanned receipt or invoice from the WE reseller you purchased from
> A photo of your WE SMG 8 with the bolt slide all the way back to expose the internal parts (please see the picture for an example of what we require)
> Your Full Name and Delivery Details
> Name/Website of the WE Reseller you purchased your rifle from originally (if possible)

We are offering this for a limited time only on a first come first served basis to those who can provide proof of ownership and proof of purchase, so please contact us as soon as possible to request this part. Please also note that while the part will be provided for free, you will be required to cover the postage cost to your country.

Please contact us to request your part: info@armedforces.hk

We will require that you fill out the following form with your details and copy and paste this into the email you send us requesting your part:

Full Name:
Delivery Address:
Contact Number:
Name of WE Reseller you purchased from originally: (if possible)
Website of WE Reseller you purchased from originally: (if possible)
Quantity Required: (*please note that this will be limited to the number of magazines you can provide proof of ownership and proof of purchase)

Once we receive your email we will reply to you and require that you send us your proof of purchase along with the picture of the bolt cover (see picture). Once we have confirmed your details we will connect you with a suitable WE distributor that will assist you with the logistics of getting the part to you.

If you are a WE distributor please contact us so that we can provide you with replacement parts accordingly.